travelsoxlogo 100 125x125Travelsox® graduated compression socks were designed for travel, yet have become an everday sock for many. Designed in collaboration with a medical team, Travelsox® alleviates the sensation of tiredness and swelling. Travelsox technical construction exerts a gradual compression on the leg with encourages blood circulation, prevents pooling of blood in the lower extremities and in turn promotes a delightful feeling of wellness. 

ts size chartTravelsox® are sized unisex, please refer to your shoe size in choosing the Travelsox® that is correct for you. Remember, Travelsox® are unique in the marketplace of compression socks as they are engineered with a patented GRADUATED compression technology for maximum effectiveness and comfort. 

Travelsox® come in 4 styles:
  • Travelsox® Classic - TS 1000-Coolmax® - Original Travelsox- solid colors of: TS1000- Black, Navy, Khaki, White, Brown, Grey
  • Travelsox® Soft- TSS 6000-drystat silver™ - Soft Padded Footbed- solid colors of: Black, Navy, Khaki, White, Brown
  • Travelsox® Odyssey - TS5000- Coolmax® - like the Classic in an argyle pattern- colors of: Black, Navy, Khaki, Brown
  • Travelsox® Dress - TDS 2000-Coolmax® - like the Classic with a small diamond pattern up the side- colors of: Black, Navy, Khaki


TravelSoft- Padded Foot Bed

ONLY Cushioned TravelSox - the ultimate walking sock.

Base price: $35.00
Angus price: $33.00
Discount: $-2.00

TravelSox Classic

TravelSox Classic- solid color graduated compression sock ...

Base price: $30.00
Angus price: $30.00

TravelSox Dress

TravelSox Dress- Solid color sock with Diamond Pattern up ...

Base price: $30.00
Angus price: $28.00
Discount: $-2.00

TravelSox Odyssey

TravelSox Odyssey- Classic Argyle Pattern combined with a ...

Base price: $30.00
Angus price: $28.00
Discount: $-2.00

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