eurosock logo 100 Eurosocks™ combines performance driven fibers, advanced knitting techniques, natural yarns and 100 years of Italian engineering and patented designs to deliver the most functional socks around.Eurosocks™ has a sock targeted to match you with your sport for maximum performance and comfort. Eurosocks™ are manufactured using the finest digitized knitting machines to engineer innovative sport specific designs for your sport and in 4 Sizes  deliver the best fit on the market.

All Eurosocks™ have:euro tech design
Elasticized Arch Bands- the patented diamont pattern knitting technique in combination with Spandex and Techncal Fibers create a "Dynamic Support Zone" that cradles the arch of the foot. This zone adjusts to different foot shapes to provide a custom fit, support and eliminates wrinkles.
Elasticized Ankle Brace- constructed with specialized knits of Spandex combined with sport specific Technical Fibers guarantees a perfect, wrinkle free fit aound the ankle to support the Achilles Tendon and insure overall comfort.
Ankle Flex Zone- constructed using a specialized knits to assure fit and comfort while eliminating wrinkles.
Pique Ventilation Knit- positioned at the instep and ankle area, the unique diamond knit works in conjunction with technical Moisture Management System fibers to increase comfort and performance.
Ventilation Ribs- located on the bottom of the sock in the forefoot area. These ribs are integral to the Moisture Management System, providing a network to transport moisture away from the foot
Ventilation Channels- located on both sides of the sock and connect to the Ventilation Ribs to transport moisture out the sock and away from the foot and shoe.
Ultra Flat Seam Toe Pocket Closure- effective seamless toe pocket that improves fit, reduces shear forces, eliminated pressure points and results in improved function and comfort.
Toe Pocket Area- close contour custom fit that increases comfort and performance by eliminating wrinkling and \"dead spaces\".
Heel Pocket Area- four panel Heal Pocket with seamless closure to provide the ultimate in comfort and performance through a contoured, custom fit.
Anatomical Padding- with the exception of the Ultra Lightweight styles, all Eurosocks™  have padding that is ergonomically shaped and strategically placed for sport specific and lifestyle use. Using the patented \"Eurosock System\", the pads are a consistent thickness in the \"Impact Zones\" and beveled toward the ends to transfer smoothly into the sock.The system cushions the foot, absorbs impact, increases ventilation enhances the Moister Management System.
Ribbed Cuffs- all Eurosocks™ have finished tops using Ribbed Cuffs which insures the sock stays up, fits comfortable and does not have a seam to cause pressure points or friction.
Spandex and Mechanical Elasticized Knits- this combination results in a sock the fits like a second skin without wrinkles, hot spots or pressure points. The continual flexing and shape recovery characteristics of this knitting technique enhances user performance.
Take a look at the technically superior fibers used in the manufacture of Eurosocks. Always on the cutting edge.


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