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euros diabetic logo hpdiabetic size chartEurosDiabetic™ socks are engineered with patented compression technology that will stimulate blood flow to aid in reducing foot and leg swelling. EurosDiabetic™ socks are designed to be constriction-free with a woven arch support, seamless.EurosDiabetic™ are manufactured with Drystatsilver®- a microfilament that incorporates silver ions to contral bacteria growth and minimize odor.. The EuroDiabetic™ socks have cushioned footbeds to absorb impact and guaratee all day comfort. 
Developed by leading Vascular and Podiatric physicians Euros Rx Diabetic socks are designed to provide maximum comfort and protection for Diabetics. Made of 75% drystat polyester, 15% nylon, and 10% spandex in Italy.

Features of the EurosDiabetic™:
  • Woven arch support relieves effects of charco and mid-tarsal degeneration
  • Mild ankle brace for enhanced lateral and medial support
  • Padded terry sole for ultimate comfort
  • Superior moisture wicking technology
  • Flat Knit Toe Seam, maximize protection against irritation
  • Superior Moisture Wicking properties
  • Dual Tone Technology for rapid visual detection of wounds


EurosDiabetic Crew

Diabetic Crew sock- constriction free sock with Extreme ...

Base price: $17.00
Angus price: $16.00
Discount: $-1.00

EurosDiabetic OTC

Euro Diabetic OTC- Over the Calf sock for maximum comfort ...

Base price: $36.00
Angus price: $35.00
Discount: $-1.00

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