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TS1000 pair navyTraveling? These socks were developed in Italy using a patented design that helps to stimulate blood flow and thus reduce swelling while in close quarters for extended periods of time.
  • Over 10% of air travelers develop swollen legs and feet on long flights which can lead to Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)- blood clots which can be potentially fatal.
  • Both the Airline Medical Directors and the Aerospace Medical Associations enthusiastically embrace TravelSox®
  • Airline pilots endorse Travelsox for long haul flights.

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On your feet? energize your legs and feet with TravelSox®- reduce and prevent swelling and encourage better circulation.blood_flow_diagram
Sitting at a desk...On a long car drive? don't sit there and let blood pool in your lower legs and feet- put on a pair of TravelSox® and get your blood circulating and prevent swollen, tired legs.
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