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To build Technically Superior Socks and Compression Wear, you need to start with superior fibers.
drystat logoThe use of silver as an anti-bacterial and healing agent goes back to ancient Greece. Long before modern pharmaceuticals, it was even used as an antibiotic and germicide. Understanding that polypropylene is recognized  as a very good wicking fiber,  Arcos Spa developed a patented fiber, adding silver ions in the manufacturing process, creating Silver DryStat®. Because silver ions are built right into the core of the fiber, they inhibit the growth of bacteria and moulds reducing unpleasant smells and keeping biological skin balance during athletic activities.
As we know, body temperature is crucial for comfort during physical activity, therefore, Silver DryStat® becomes fundamental due to its extraordinary insulating powers.

The water absorption index in Silver DryStat® is almost nil, it has a low conductivity and moisture is kept away from the skin.

So, if you are climbing the Himalayas, running a marathon or walking in the park wearing Silver DryStat® socks, then you are assured a perfect equilibrium between temperature and relative humidity even in the most extreme weather conditions. Manufactured by Arcos, an Italian-based company, Silver DryStat® can withstand harsh weather conditions, sun, sweat and humitidy. In addition, it is 100 per cent recyclable and does not pollute the enviroment.

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