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eurosock logo 100Eurosocks combines performance driven fibers, advanced knitting techniques, natural yarns and 100 years of Italian engineering and patented designs to deliver functional socks .
travelsoxlogo 100Coolmax® fiber provides comfort with moisture wicking capabilities.TravelSox aid in the prevention of "economy class syndrome" following a long-haul flight. 4 styles, 5 colors, all in stock.
euros rx 100 logo 125x125Manufactured with higher compression than TravelSox® and with Dryarn®, Latex free EuroRx have the unique capability to maintain the body's natural temperature and protect against extremes.


euros diabetic logo hpEurosDiabetic™socks are engineered with patented compression technology that will stimulate blood flow to aid in reducing foot and leg swelling, designed to be constriction-free.

 Travelsox - EurosRx - Eurosocks
Compression Socks - Euro Diabetic Socks

Angus Trading Company brings the best of Italian manufacturing and innovation to your sport and your health. Products that are engineered to enhance your sport, your lifestyle and your health- products that are technically driven with an eye towards innovative design and attention to exact manufacturing. Employing the most advanced knitting machines and performance driven fibers, these products are un matched in the market place.

Choose from sport specific socks, patented graduated compression socks, socks for diabetics and technical compression wear for the ultimate performance. At Angus, we pride ourselves on our service and the performance of our products. Let us show you.
Our Eurosocks are guaranteed to fit your every active activity with
  • ankle braces,
  • elasticized arch supports,
  • ventilation channels,
  • expansion joints between protective padding,
  • special pique knit
The patented manufacturing techniques of Eurosocks provides a unique product for everyone.
GRADUATED Compression Socks were developed to alleviate many of the symptoms commonly associated with circulation problems. Manufactured in Italy, Euro Compression socks help to eliminate swelling by exerting a gradual compression on the foot and leg to help increase blood flow. Special knit construction make them easy to slip into and take off~ designed for fit, function, ease of use and most of all comfort.

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